(Published:05 January 2019)

1) Ride organisers can now offer 20-29km Novice 'Foundation' GERs. These will not attract conventional trophy points, although a special trophy may be offered for this category of ride at the end of the season. These new GER distances were brought in following a member vote at the AGM. Please note: First season novice restrictions also apply to Novice Foundation rides. 3 x novice GERs of 30km or above will still be required to upgrade to Open level.

2) Escorts of junior riders in Graded Endurance Rides can now elect to enter hors concours at half the normal entry fee. Escorts entering hors concours must be qualified for the class entered and will not receive trophy points for their ride, but the distance completed will still be added to the horse's lifetime distance. This change was brought in following a member vote at the AGM.

3) Pleasure rides of more than 34km in a day are no longer permitted on welfare grounds. Riders wishing to ride in longer distance classes should enter a Graded Endurance Ride with a full vetting.

4) Donkeys and mules have been officially brought into the rule book. We have a number of donkeys and mules already riding with us, and it was time to regularise their status in the rule book.

5) Hat standards are remaining as per 2017 and 2018 until the new European hat standard has been approved by the EU.

6) Novice horses can now only take part in GERs of over 45km if they have already successfully completed three Novice GERs of between 30 and 45km.

7) Team physiotherapists. Rule 3.7.10 has been clarified: A British Team competitor at a championship event will only be financially responsible for the cost of accommodation, food and travel expenses for the vet, Chef d’Equipe, physiotherapist and farrier.

8) Hold times. Any ride of 80km or more should have at least one vet hold which is at least 40 minutes in length. This change has been made on welfare grounds.

9) Vetting procedures in GERs. No examination likely to irritate or distress the horse should take place until after the pulse has been taken. This change was brought in following a member vote at the AGM.

10) Responsibilities of ride organisers. For clarity, a reminder has been inserted into the rule book that ride organisers must ensure that signed hard copy entry forms for all entrants who did not enter through the Endurance GB online entry system are forwarded to the Endurance GB office after the ride. Please note, this applies to national rides and FEI rides, and is particularly important for day members. If the rider on the day is not the rider who originally entered, a fresh entry form must be completed and signed and evidence of qualification for the class entered must be provided. This is not a change to the current process.

Note: If local groups are using a bespoke online entry provider for their social rides, these electronic entry forms must include the appropriate disclaimer for each individual as per the paper ride entry forms. Copies of the completed online ride entry forms must be sent to the office after the ride along with any paper entry forms.

11) Escorts of junior and Para-Equestrian Endurance riders. The procedure for agreeing a suitable escort and managing mid ride changes of escort has been clarified. Escorts will need to sign either an Escort Agreement Form (juniors) or a Para Escort Form (Para-Equestrian Endurance Riders). This change has been brought in on safeguarding grounds.

12) Hatcams. Our insurance company have relaxed their restrictions on hatcams. Hatcams are no longer completely banned, and can be used at the rider's own risk.

Don't forget to renew your EGB membership. Rides can not be entered unless you have joined or renewed.
This can be done online or by post
Endurance GB supports Clean Sport and so horses at national rides may be tested. Please use the link below to check that you are not feeding your horse prohibited substances.
REFUNDS POLICY for Group events
Pleasure Rides: if organiser advised at least 1 week before ride, a full refund of the entry fee will be made - if organiser advised within1 week of the ride, then 50% refund but 100% will be refunded if the Rider helps at Ride.
Training sessions: 1 week or more before event 100% refund – less than 1 week, 50%  unless a new client can be found
Choices for 2019
Register your details as a supporter of Endurance GB. Check out the EGB website for details and benefits.
Remember Pony Club members, Riding Club members and ROR members should register as CLUB members, this allows ride entries at members rates!

EGB Clothing

Endurance GB are delighted to announce the launch of it's new clothing range which can be purchased through Custom Club Clothing at

There are fully personalised options to add, for example, your name, your horse's name, your group name or your team name. The only thing that will appear as standard is Endurance GB ;)

There are a number of colour combinations to choose from. Go and have a browse and get yourself kitted out for the new season.

We'd love to see your photos of you wearing your new kit!

Improving Confidence and Mobility Workshop - (Published:21 December 2018)

10am – 4pm Sunday 10th February 2019


Risley Memorial Hall

111 Derby Road


DE72 3SS



This exciting new interactive workshop is open to all EGB Members and Non-Members. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own saddles to the workshop.


10th February 2019 – Risley Memorial Hall, Derbyshire – 10am till 4pm


The itinerary for the event will include:


·      Morning - a number of sessions run by a team of Master Saddlers including an Olympic team saddle fitter. The purpose of these is to increase knowledge around correct saddle fitting, pressure and to discuss tack adjustments to aid mobility.


·      Afternoon – a session led by UKCC Endurance Coach Cindy Russell aimed at improving confidence.


Lunch is included but places are limited. Free for PARA members, £40 EGB Members, £60 Non – Members.


Thank you to the Worshipful Company of Saddlers for their sponsorship of this event.


Please complete the booking form (click here) and email


If you have any queries, please contact

View the rides program for 2019

Endurance GB Coaching Scheme For All -

(Published:07 January 2019)

Dear Member,

 The Endurance GB Coaching Scheme for All has now opened for 2019! We will be contributing funding towards five places for a UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification. So we are looking for applications from Endurance GB members, aged 16 or over, who would like to further their own education and the education of their fellow members.


Please see below for further details on the application process and the link to the online form. The deadline for applications is the 4th of February.


There will be opportunities later in the year for existing coaches to be supported in their move up to the next level. We are grateful to sponsors, H Power, for their support with this scheme.

Five places are available with 50% funding towards a UKCC Level 1 coaching course.

These candidates will be supported throughout their training and progression.

Link to application form

Applications will close on the 4th of February



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