What is Club Membership?

The Club Membership Scheme gives riders who are the member of a participating club or organisation the opportunity to experience competitive endurance riding without having to be a full member of Endurance GB.


What is changing?

From 2020, eligible riders will all get the same Club Membership package:

  • Free Club Membership of Endurance GB

  • The ability to ride in any pleasure ride or novice Graded Endurance Ride up to 40km on payment of the entry fee and a temporary day membership fee for the ride

  • An Endurance GB website account

  • An online copy of ‘Endurance’ magazine

  • A ‘Club’ Mastercard for their horse

  • Eligibility (where applicable/relevant) for the Pony Club League, the Torq Para Endurance League, the Riding Club Championships and the Sue Taylor Green Memorial Trophy


Please note, other than the specific competitions mentioned above, Club Members are not eligible for Endurance GB trophy points or distance awards, and they cannot use any rides that they complete to upgrade to Open level competition or for FEI qualifications.


Who is eligible to become a Club Member?

Members of the following organisations can register as Club Members under the scheme:

  • Members of Riding Club Teams who have registered for the Endurance GB Riding Club Championships

  • Pony Club Members

  • Riding for the Disabled Association Members

  • Retraining of Racehorses Members


How do I sign up to become a Club Member?

Simply register with Endurance GB as a supporter when Clubhouse goes live and then complete the Club Membership online form. Once your eligibility for Club Membership has been checked by the Endurance GB office, your Club Membership will be activated.


Associate Members and Full Members of Endurance GB can also complete the Club Membership online form so that they can become eligible for Club Awards, Leagues and Championships on top of their existing membership benefits.


Who can form a Riding Club Team for the Riding Club Championships?

Applications to register as a Riding Club Team will be considered from the following Clubs/Organisations:

·       Affiliated British Riding Club Teams

·       Affiliated Trec GB Teams

·       Pony Club Teams

·       Retraining of Racehorses Teams

·       British Armed Forces Teams


Applications from other Clubs or Organisations to form Riding Club Championship Teams will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact John and Jane Hudson for more information about registering your team: johnhudson@endurancegb.co.uk

EGB Clothing

Endurance GB are delighted to announce the launch of it's new clothing range which can be purchased through Custom Club Clothing at http://www.customclubclothing.co.uk/shop/index.php?c=328

There are fully personalised options to add, for example, your name, your horse's name, your group name or your team name. The only thing that will appear as standard is Endurance GB ;)

There are a number of colour combinations to choose from. Go and have a browse and get yourself kitted out for the new season.

We'd love to see your photos of you wearing your new kit!

Endurance GB Coaching Scheme For All -

(Published:07 January 2019)

Dear Member,

 The Endurance GB Coaching Scheme for All has now opened for 2019! We will be contributing funding towards five places for a UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification. So we are looking for applications from Endurance GB members, aged 16 or over, who would like to further their own education and the education of their fellow members.


Please see below for further details on the application process and the link to the online form. The deadline for applications is the 4th of February.


There will be opportunities later in the year for existing coaches to be supported in their move up to the next level. We are grateful to sponsors, H Power, for their support with this scheme.

Five places are available with 50% funding towards a UKCC Level 1 coaching course.

These candidates will be supported throughout their training and progression.

Link to application form https://goo.gl/forms/aSNZrCSEaIGFz6dG2

Applications will close on the 4th of February




Don't forget to renew your EGB membership. Rides can not be entered unless you have joined or renewed.
This can be done online or by post
Endurance GB supports Clean Sport and so horses at national rides may be tested. Please use the link below to check that you are not feeding your horse prohibited substances.
REFUNDS POLICY for Group events
Pleasure Rides: if organiser advised at least 1 week before ride, a full refund of the entry fee will be made - if organiser advised within1 week of the ride, then 50% refund but 100% will be refunded if the Rider helps at Ride.
Training sessions: 1 week or more before event 100% refund – less than 1 week, 50%  unless a new client can be found
View the rides program for 2020

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