Rules and Recommendations for

Group Constitution

Group Pleasure Rides

West Riding welcome members and non members to their rides and events. We are also an inclusive sport so we seek to encourage young, old, para and all other riders to enjoy our rides.

Full members, Associate members, Pony Club Members, ROR members may enter group rides and events at members rates.



- be at least 4yo, and of suitable build/temperament to carry the rider safely

- have a safe suitable saddle and bridle that allows the horse to be under control at all times.

- be fit for the work expected.


- wear a helmet which meets the current standards

- footwear with a heel of at least 1/2" unless cages are worn

- wear a numbered bib

- be fit and competent to ride the class entered

- be polite at all time and follow any instructions given by an official

- offer help if they encounter an accident


- ride with spurs

- carry a crop of greater than 30"

- overtake another horse without asking permission


Please use

- a RED ribbon if your horse is nervous in company

- a GREEN ribbon if your horse is a novice

- a BLUE ribbon is needed for stallions as well as a stallion disc.

West Riding Endurance GB covers South and West Yorkshire

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