West Riding Trophies 2017

West Riding Endurance provides a wide range of trophies which will appeal to all riders and all helpers. The lovely trophies and prizes make the Awards evening a very special event.

West Riding gives points to helpers as well as riders so there could be a trophy with your name on it!

West Riding EGB Trophies Winners 2017 - Photos by Sam & Lee Bowkett

Trophies for the Horse


1.Cock O’ the North                                     1st Ballydoolagh Alfie

                                                                        2nd Syrus

                                                                        3rd Harmonized

                                                                        4th Basford Showman

                                                                        5th Handan Bin Hamdanieh

                                                                        6th Wainstones Dainty Lady


2.Bronte Saddlery                                        1st Wainstones Dainty Lady

                                                                        2nd Silver Serendipity

                                                                        3rd Olympic Spirit


3.Pippin                                                         1st Wainstones Dainty Lady

                                                                        2nd Silver Serendipity

                                                                        3rd Syrus


4.Bandat                                                        1st Syrus

                                                                        2nd Hamdan Bin Hamdanieh

                                                                        3rd Tannasg Sovereign


5.Veteran Horse                                           1st – Syrus

                                                                        2nd – Basford Showman

                                                                        3rd - Montymillion


6.Raynor                                                        1st – Syrus

                                                                        2nd – Hamdan Bin Hamdanieh

                                                                        3rd – Abbery Cornish Messenger


7.Woolly Mammoth                                      1st – Wainstones Dainty Lady

                                                                        2nd – Gallardo

                                                                        3rd – Matilda Bay                                         


8.Promising Newcomer                              1st – Wainstones Dainty Lady


9.North Ives                                                   1st Ballydoolagh Alfie

                                                                        2nd Syrus

                                                                        3rd Hamdan Bin Hamdanieh


10.Flying Colours                                        1st Harmonized

                                                                        2nd Basford Showman

                                                                        3rd Wainstones Dainty Lady


11.TNT                                                           1st Wainstones Dainty Lady

                                                                        2nd Silver Serendipity

                                                                        3rd Olympic Spirit


12.Endurance Trophy                                 1st – Cumbria Black Kareem         


Trophies for the Rider

13.Sundance                                                 1st Jeni Gilbert

                                                                        2nd Sam Bowkett

                                                                        3rd Chloe Deleaney


14.Maha                                                        1st Sam Bowkett

                                                                        2nd Heidi Clark

                                                                        3rd Janet McCorry


15.Meteor                                                      1st Tess Wheldon                            


16.Nicholas Maylor                                      1st Beth Clarkson

                                                                        2nd Amy Wray


17.Mandate                                                   1st Vicki White

                                                                        2nd Angela Peace

Trophies for horse and rider combination

18.Denholme Gate                                      1st Wainstones Dainty Lady / Beth Clarkson

                                                                        2nd – Gallardo / Vicki White

                                                                        3rd – Nightfire Hallellujah / Julie Martin


19.Longfield Arabian                                  1st Syrus / Samantha Bowkett

                                                                        2nd Hamdan Bin Hamdanieh / Val Swann

                                                                        3rd Tannasg Sovereign / Tess Wheldon


20.Evans                                                       1st  Abbery Cornish Messenger / Heidi Clark

                                                                        2nd – Ballydoolagh Alfie / Jeni Gilbert


21.Ossie Hare Memorial Trophy              1st – Cumbrian Black Kareem / Emily Ferguson 


22.Mell Time                                                             Jeanette Bennett    


Distance Awards

Riders – first time attaining 200km in a season

Riders – Beth Clarkson

Horses – for those completing 200km in the season who have not received a National Distance award

National – Wainstones Dainty Lady, Hamdan Bin Hamdanieh, Syrus, Ballydooloagh Alfie

Horses – Abbery Cornish Messenger, Basford Showman,Cumbria Black Kareem,Harmonized, Honeys Copper Top, Silver Serendipity, Tannasg Sovereign, Gallardo

Ballydoolagh Alfie & Jeni Gilbert
Wainstones Dainty Lady & Bethany Clarkson
Syrus & Sam Bowkett
Harmonized & Chloe Delaney
Cumbria Black Kareem & Emily Ferguson
Tannasg Sovereign & Tess Wheldon
Gallardo & Vicki White
Abbery Cornish Messenger & Heidi Clark
Jeanette Bennett
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