Beth conquers the Red Dragon!

Bethany Clarkson and Wainstones Dainty took on the Red Dragon Championships in fine style and came First in the National Young Rider championship, First in the Novice/Novice championship and Second overall

West Riding EGB congratulate you, what a great result

The Ups and Downs...

After discovering that the Home International competition was to be held at the relatively local Lindum ride this year, I made the decision to put Kareem and I forward for selection. We had previously had good results in rides of up to 80km, and hoped to complete our first FEI 1* this season, so felt this gave us a good chance of being selected for the 80km CER class. After keeping us in suspense for a few weeks, we were told that we would be riding for England!

And the winning team was........

At North Elmsall ride all riders were part of the West Riding Challenge.

Fourteen teams of 3 competed and by using Performance Formula (based on heart rate and speed) the winners were declared:

Caitlin Birkitt and Mistletoe

Angela Peace and Matilda Bay

Sarah Talbot-Greaves and Montymillion

Didn't they do well!

Thank you to MS &TJ Haylage for their generosity.

Committe Update.......

This is a quick update to let you know about some changes to the committee and ask for your help to keep moving forward.

Julie Martin and Sarah Appleby have both stepped down from the committee. On behalf of the group we would like thank them for their commitment and hard work for West Riding EGB over the years, I am sure though we will see them out and about, on their horses or even with a can of spray in their hands!

I have agreed to take over as chair until next season with Anne Ferguson taking the role of treasurer and safeguarding liaison and Emily Ferguson looking after social media. The changes do leave us as a committee of only five which is the minimum that we must have to function under the constitution. 

So, do we have members out there who would like to be part of the committee? We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 8pm at the IBIS Styles hotel, Barnsley (junction 37 M1). No particular skills required, just a desire to see the group continue - we will provide help and support along the way. People can also volunteer to help without joining the committee and that includes trained First Aiders, just say! And don't forget any members can attend the meetings without being on the committee - it's your group so come and have your say as to how it runs.

I look forward to seeing you out and about and hopefully some of you at our next meeting on Wed 6th September

Thank you

Vicki White


Didn't they do well!

West Riding riders and their horses came away from Lindum with lots and lots of prizes! We had an excellent time.

The stars of the event were Sam Bowkett and Syrus who came first in the Multiday competition and won the 129km Wolds Challenge and were part of the winning WR Team Spirit and the highpoint veteran (Syrus is 18yo!)

Val Swann and Hamdan Bin Hamdanieh had a great time as well coming 2nd in the Team Spirit, 2nd in the Multi Days competition and 4th in the Wolds Challenge!

The WR team came first in the Lindum team spirit, thanks to the amazing ride by Bethany Clarkson and Wainstones Dainty Lady and great effort by the whole team to combat the mud.

The results were:

High Point Novice - Bethany Clarkson - Wainstones Dainty Lady

High Point Veteran - Syrus - Sam Bowkett

Lindum Team Spirit

1st West Riding - Chloe Delaney, Bethany Clarkson, Sam Bowkett, jeni Gilbert

2nd Val Swann with Colin, Rachel and Izzy

Multi-Day Winner Syrus - Sam Bowkett

2nd  Val Swann - Hamdan Bin Hamdanieh

4th  Jeni Gilbert - Ballydoolagh Alfie

6th  Heidi Clarkson - Abbery Cornish Messenger

7th  Ally Sole - Basford Showman

8th  Bethany Clarkson - Wainstones Dainty Lady

PR Award - Vicky White and Gallardo

Trekker 108km over 3 days

3rd Heidi Clarkson - Abbery Cornish Messenger

5th Ali Sole - Basford Showman

Wolds Challenge 129k over 4 days

1st Syrus and Sam

4th Val and Dan

5th jeni and Alfie

Congratulations to all the riders and their lovely horses and a BIG BIG thank you to all those who crewed, helped and supported us throughout the event.

Apologies if I have missed anything out, prizegiving was a very busy time for WR riders. Please let me know and I will correct it!

Endurance on two feet!

On 1st July,  I set out to walk 100km from  Bath to Cheltenham in the Cotswold Way Challenge. I  was there to raise money for Alzheimer's UK,  in memory of my mum who passed away in November. (

In my prep, I thought it's definitely endurance, so there must be lessons I can take from the horses... 

But first the stats:

100.3km, around 2,250m of climb, that's about 130,000 steps in 16hrs 56mins.

Burned an estimated 4,200 calories (1lb fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, but they reckon you actually need a 7000 calorie deficit to lose a pound - exercise doesn't make you thin!)

About 1000 starters, 200 of whom were runners, the rest walking

75% completion rate


So, what have I learned?


Choose your grandparents!

No matter how hard you train, there are limits that you just can't change, thanks to your genes. Our Casper is a typical Arab, relatively leggy, gets fit at the drop of a hat (literally, a hat dropping would have him cantering round the field for half an hour!) Not a bad doer, but he never gets fat, and hobbies include running, and well, that's it really.  Gem on the other hand is 7/8 Arab going on 100% pony. She's not inclined to exercise unless she must and her hobbies include eating and occasionally putting Casper in his place. She puts on weight just looking at grass, takes a lot more work to get fit than Casper, and she'll never go as fast. Guess which one I'm like (clue, it's not Casper). So might as well accept I've got my work cut out for me!


Good eater to fussy eater

No matter how well you eat at home, it's different at an event. Once you start exercising, blood gets diverted from your stomach to your muscles and your digestive system slows down. You don't feel like eating as much, and food takes longer to digest - and the longer you're exercising the worse it gets. So the long suffering crew (Rummy) need to provide a canteen of different stuff that you might pick at. (Chocolate milk, Nutrigrain bars, bananas, and salt and vinegar crisps worked for me)


You can lead a walker to water, but you don't need to make them drink.

There's a lot of myths about how much you need to drink. In fact there is a really good scientific way of knowing - if you're thirsty drink, if you're not, don't.


No hoof, no horse

Some people will say blisters and black toes are just par for the course. I think if you get blisters, your shoes probably don't fit. It took a while to find the right pair (I've never owned so many shoes before!), but I've finally got the right combination of shoes (Montrail Rogue), insoles (by Sole) and socks (Injinii). One thing to bear in mind, stuff that seems fine up to 30km, may not be OK for 80km. Still ended up with bruised big toe nails though, but no other blisters, and I think it is the blisters that probably got to a lot of the 25% of people who dropped out.


It's all in your head

Endurance isn't just physical, it's as much a state of mind. With horses some are happy to go on their own all day, some just aren't. It's the same walking. If you're always thinking about how much further you've got to go, rather than how far you've already done, you're setting yourself up to fail. 


Never change anything on the day

The most important rule. If you haven't worn it, carried it, eaten it or drunk it on a training run/walk don't do it on the day! 


Speed kills

Well, not literally, but setting out too fast seemed to be a problem for a lot of people. And a steady walk can be faster than a run over the long haul if you can keep it up (and the runners run out of steam) My fastest 25km was the first 25km at about 6.5kph, but my overall speed was 6kph, so I managed a fairly consistent pace all the way round, and was the 15th fastest woman, and 54th overall. There were 200 runners... (BTW times for finishers ranged from about 12hrs to 37hrs - smug,me? Oh yes!)


Don't spend too long getting crewed!

The other reason I had a consistent speed was I didn't stop. Got overtaken by the same groups of runners 3 times in the last 50km - they stopped to rest at the checkpoints, I didn't (well, I did stop for about 15mins at 78km).


Everyone needs a day off

And finally - endurance takes a lot out of you. If you want to be able to go out and do it again you need to rest and recover!

West Riding goes to Cranwell

West Riding riders went to Cranwell last weekend, they went, they rode, they had a good time!

Cranwell this year had a new Venue and lots of new tracks, which rode really well, thank you to Thay and all the team for their hard work.

The weather behaved sort of  and the welcome was warm and many miles were completed successfully.


2 day 80km – Allyson Sole, Basford Showman, G4 11.56kph

66km GER – Jeni Gilbert, Alfie, G2 14.14.kph

40k GER – Heidi Clark, Abbery Cornish Messenger, G2 12kph

40k Novice GER – Kath Lomas-Button, Silver Serendipity, G1kph

40k Novice GER – Bethany Clarkson, Wainstones Dainty Lady, G3 12.3kph

33k GER – Stephen Bennett, Honey’s Copper Top, Comp 12.14


33k – Emily Ferguson, Cumbria Black Kareem, G1 14.77

40k PR – Bethany Clarkson, Wainstones Dainty Lady

Well done all and a big thank you to all our crew people who worked so hard!

COCK O' THE NORTH for 2016

The winner of the Cock of the North trophy for the highpoint West Riding horse for 2016 season is Basford Showman ridden by Allyson Sole and crewed by Pete Hawksley.

Congratulations, to all our winners and good luck for 2017.

A full list of all our winners can be found on the Trophies page

For pictures of all our winners please select link below. All photos were taken by Cain Appleby.

Get a HEAD, get a HAT

You only have one Head – so “Get a Head – Get a Hat” that complies with the new regulations!

Many of you will have heard of the changes surrounding the riding hats regulations. The BHS have issued an article explaining these changes in full.

Please note that in ALL cases EnduranceGB members will be required to comply with the new standards, and it is also important to note that should you have any accident without an up to standard riding hat then it is likely that your insurance will be invalid.

Here is the link to the BHS website with the full details on the riding hat standards.

Hats bearing only the EN1384 or BSEN1384 standard will no longer be accepted.

However, hats would be acceptable if they carry EN1384 or BSEN1384 and another standard such as those listed:

• PAS 015 (1998 or 2011)

• VG1 01.040 (2014-12)

• ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards)

• NELL E2001

• AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards)

Please reload

2017 Trophy Cards
Please can all 2017 trophy cards be forwarded to  Vicki White by the end of November so that the overall results for West Riding can be calculated.
Endurance GB supports Clean Sport and so horses at national rides may be tested. Please use the link below to check that you are not feeding your horse prohibited substances.
REFUNDS POLICY for Group events
Pleasure Rides: if organiser advised at least 1 week before ride, a full refund of the entry fee will be made - if organiser advised within1 week of the ride, then 50% refund but 100% will be refunded if the Rider helps at Ride.
Training sessions: 1 week or more before event 100% refund – less than 1 week, 50%  unless a new client can be found
2016 Trophy Winners
The winners from 2016 were announced at the Annual Awards Dinner on Saturday 28th January.
Chris Boast from Robin Hood Saddlery kindly presented the prizes.
Several popular brands of Endurance Riding Helmets are aimed at a European market rather than a UK market, and although they carry the VG101.040: 2014-12 standard they do not carry an accompanying UK Kitemark. Having reviewed the situation, and in view of the number of Endurance GB members who already have these hats, we are also prepared to accept VG1 01.040: 2014-12 hats without the Kitemark at Endurance GB rides for the 2017 season.
NEW for 2017
Register your details as a supporter of Endurance GB. Check out the EGB website for details and benefits.
Remember Pony Club members, Riding Club members and ROR members should register as CLUB members, this allows ride entries at members rates!
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