2015 West Riding Trophies

Endurance GB West Riding Group Trophy List
Open to West Riding Members and Their Horses
Best 10 Rides to Count unless otherwise specified.

COCK O' the NORTH for 2015


1st Ghalib Zafir

2nd Silva Quartz

3rd Ballydoolagh Alfie


BRONTE SADDLERY TROPHY - Novice Horse - Donated by Mrs Vicky Wood

Awarded to the novice horse accumulating most points in all graded rides

1st       Honey's Copper Top
2nd      Aly's Estella De Rock
3rd       Syrus



SUNDANCE MEMORIAL - Senior Trophy (21+) - Donated by Mr & Mrs Douglas Whitehead

Awarded to the Senior rider riding an Open/Adv horse accumulating most points in all endurance rides


1st        Emma Martin

2nd       Julie Martin

3rd       Jeni Gilbert



THE MAHA MEMORIAL TROPHY - Senior Open Rider  - Donated by Janette and Derrick Mann

Awarded to the Senior Open Rider, accumulating the most points in all endurance rides.


1st       Nicola Bowley

2nd      Simon Hutton

3rd      Heidi Clark



METEOR TROPHY - Open/Adv Young Rider Trophy (14 - 21) - Donated by Mrs Alison Harris

Awarded to the Open/Advanced Young Rider accumulating most points in all endurance rides


1st        Amber Sole

2nd   Tess Wheldon

3rd     Rachel Kidd



NICHOLAS J MAYLOR MEMORIAL TROPHY - Novice Young Rider (14 - 21) - Donated by Mrs Beverly Corrigan, awarded to the Novice Young Rider accumulating most points in Graded and Pleasure rides run under the EGB banner. Pleasure ride points will be awarded one point per kilometre.


1st        Emma Daniel



THE MANDATE TROPHY - Senior Novice Rider - Donated by Janette and Derrick Mann

Awarded to the Senior Novice Rider, accumulating the most points in all Graded rides.


1st        Samantha Bowkett

2nd      Vicki White





THE PIPPIN TROPHY - Donated by Jeni Gilbert

Awarded to the horse accumulating most points in Graded rides of 63km or less. Best six to count.


1st        Oreci De Tenelles

2nd       Aly's Estrella De Rock

3rd       Honey's Copper Top



BANDAT MEMORIAL TROPHY - Donated by Sue Headland

Awarded to the high point pure bred Arabian, registered or unregistered, Best 10 rides to count (Endurance and Pleasure rides)


1st        Ghalib Zafir

2nd       Hassam

3rd       Al Masa


FLYING COLOURS TROPHY - donated by Anne and Emily Ferguson
Endurance rides only, at least 5 rides to be eligible and not to have failed in any ride in the season. Highest points to count.

1st      Hassam
2nd     Oreci De Tennelles
3rd      Honeys Copper Top



Awarded to the veteran horse accumulating most points in all types of rides, best 10 to count 


1st        Basford Showman

2nd       Flurrie





ENDURANCE TROPHY - Awarded to the horse accumulating most points in CERs

1st          Rudi
2nd        Ghalib Zafir


OSSIE HARE MEMORIAL TROPHY - Donated by Wendy Longbottom

Horse/rider combination accumulating most points in the highest distance CER over the season. In the event of a tie the lowest finishing heart rate to count. The winner of this trophy will win the entry fee to a short CER in the year following the trophy presentation. Proof of presentation to the vet at the start of the ride will be required (e.g. vet sheet).


1st        Susi Sadler and Rudi





DENHOLME GATE TROPHY - Donated by the Denholme Gate Public House

Horse/rider combination accumulating most kilometres, in pleasure rides, run under the EGB banner


1st       Vicki White and Izzykeen    

2nd     AJ ridden by Karen Stringfellow
3rd      Sue Cunningham and Sunean Silver Ghost



WOOLLY MAMMOTH (15hh+) - Donated by Louise Celino

Awarded to any horse not eligible for breed trophies. Accumulating most kilometres in National pleasure rides (rides in the omnibus schedule only)


1st        Izzykeen
2nd      Henry's Colour Me Crazy
(Joint)  Hoofbeats Tour



FIRST SEASON  Donated by Yvonne Clark

Awarded by West Riding Committee to celebrate the first season of a potential new star!


Sunean Silver Dove


MELL TIME - Helper trophy - Donated by Kerry Dawson

Awarded by the West Riding Committee to those who have most helped and supported the West Riding group throughout the season.


Anne Ferguson

Special awards to  Emma Husband and Sarah Appleby




NORTH IVES TROPHY -  (excluding Sundance winner) - Donated by Mr & Mrs Jack Callaghan

Awarded to the horse accumulating most points in the best six rides under 50k, one of which must be a West Riding ride


1st        Aly's Estrella De Rock 

2nd       Oreci De Tennelles

3rd       Honey's Copper Top




TNT TROPHY - Novice horse based on best six to count less than 50k, one of which must be a West Riding ride (Winner of North Ives Trophy is not eligible) - Donated by Philip Toothill


1st        Honey's Copper Top
2nd      Syrus

3rd       Cumbrian Black Kareem





LONGFIELD ARABIAN  - Donated by Daphne Bamforth

Awarded to the Pure or Part Bred Arab, best six rides to count, one of which must be a West Riding ride. Horse rider combination trophy


1st        Ghalib Zafir ridden by Julie Martin

2nd       Silva Quartz and Emma martin

3rd       Basford Showman and Amber Sole



EVANS NATIVE TROPHY - Donated by Mrs Sue Headland. Awarded to the Registered native or part bred native horse / rider combination. Best six to count under 50k one of which must be a West Riding ride.


1st        Heidi Clark and Abbery Cornish Messenger

2nd       Jeni Gilbert and Ballydoolagh Alfie

3rd       Esther Young and Wolfie





Awarded to riders successfully completing their first 200k with West Riding EGB


Vicky White


Awarded to horses successfully completing 200k during the competition year. National awards winner are not eligible.


Al Masa                                  Aly's Estrella De Rock                      

Cumbria Black Kareem          Hassam                                  

Honey's Copper Top              Izzykeen

Oreci De Tennelles                Rudi                                                   

Silva Quartz                           Syrus                                      

Henry's Colour Me Crazy       LTF Narada

Sunean Silver Ghost              LMA Hadayyah ( 2014)   


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